to the Lhasa Apso breeding
" Kji Tch`ung Tch`ung "
since 1991
Breeder:  Iris Kamp - Germany

The Kji Tch`ung Tch`ung Lhasa Abso breeding arised with my first Lhasa Apso female in our family. Her name Ashimo Tessy, born in 1991, out of  old German, American and Netherland Apso lines.. Some of them are...."Warwinkel and "Traschi Deleg", "Dolsa", " Everglo" .
Ch. Ashimo Tessy.. Schanti`s Orisha
One year later Schanti`s Orisha has come a  very typical female with American "Hamilton Lines" , too ( Tall Oak`s  and Sharil ).
These two girls  in the beginning gave me very authentic puppies .
I continue with Ashimo`s son "Akimo" and Orisha`s daughther Bha-Dji-Naa, straight typical Apso lines.
Kji Tch`ung Tch`ung Akimo Kji Tch`ung Tch`ung Bha-Dji-Naa.
They all got their  Championchip in Germany. Bha-Dji-Naa`s father was an American Import:  Sharil Justifiable.. straight "Hamilton"
This was my basic in the beginning. Today in the year 2005, I look back at a lot of children in international breeding as well as  in the show ring
and also  Kji Tch`ung Tch`ung Apsos, which are living private.
My dogs are all living with us, thats my family, in our house, with a big garden and directly in the near of a wood. All Apsos can run and play the whole day and learn to live with other dogs, their people and all things around .
My goal is it, to breed happy Lhasa Apsos within the  international standard, looking for the authentic type,  with also have show quality.
I am proud, to look at  a lot of Champions out of my breeding, and the once that are still to come and  I would like to say " Thank you  very much " , to all my Lhasa Apso friends all over  the world, who started with my dogs in the show ring.
My recipe for health and happy Lhasa Apsos is :  time, love and understanding for my dogs.
So I hope I am always on the right way with my dogs       .
      Iris Kamp